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    In 1971 I was approached by two friends who heard about a karate school in Murray, KY.  This was 20 miles away and we knew nothing about what to expect.  Keep in mind this was during the Elvis era (karate moves in movies) and all the karate movies with  Bruce Lee where everywhere, so of course we wanted to check it out.  My two friends were Joe Andrews ( later earned Instructor Black Belt under CHA-3) and Bill Raymer (Current Black Belt Instructor under me).  We all went to the class held by Chief Instructor Bob Myers, who had several Black Belt Instructors.  We  were required to watch two training sessions before we were allowed to train.  (This insured we were really dedicated, and not there just on a whim).  After one week we started, all three of us staying with it.  I remember many training nights at Bill's house, in the front yard.  We normally went to formal class in Murray two days a week and trained on our own two more days a week. 
    There were so many students from the Paris, Tennessee area that Chief Myers decided to open a club in Paris.  All the students from there continued in Paris and Joe and I received our Black Belts from Chief Myers in 1973. (Note: Chief Myers is now the Professor of the Southeastern Kenpo Karate Association) 
    I decided to join the USAF in 1974, when the club in Paris dwindled to only a few.  The Paris club members started going back to Murray shortly before I left for service. 
    Most of the students in Paris soon stopped altogether (didn't want to drive that far).
    I held clubs at a couple of locations during my 22 years in the Air Force but it was hard to establish anything when I was moving every 2 years or so.  The highest rank attained by anyone while I was in the USAF was blue belt.
    In 1993 I was assigned to Oahu, Hawaii.  It wasn't until 1994, that I got the nerve to call then Assistant Professor Mike Tiwanak for an introduction and possible training.  It had been a few years since I had a Gi on and wasn't sure how it would work out.  I was invited to a class to watch and bring my diploma as proof,  it was decided my best training would be at the Aiea Branch under Assistant Professor Mike.  That was the beginning of the new me.
    I trained for over a year and learned so much beyond the instructional level.  I met many, many  folks who are just wonderful and have made huge contributions to the CHA-3 Association.  I was very fortunate to "talk story" with Professor Marino Tiwanak and the entire Association during many outings and parties.  I met people you only hear about and many of them are not with us today.  I feel very fortunate to have met them.  I knew Bronson and Taz when they were babies (well maybe not that small).
    Before I left Hawaii, Professor Marino promoted me to 4th degree and I left in 1996.  I headed back to Paris and Immediately looked up my old CHA-3 brothers.  Many were not training and some were not healthy enough to train.  I found Larry Carson, one of my Black Belt Instructors from Murray, who was now a Chief Instructor.  Also, I found Joe and four other black belts from the "old days".
    We trained for about a year and many had to quit due to personal commitments, work, or health.
    Joe and I then looked up Bill Raymer, who dropped out years ago at Blue, and asked him to assist us in starting a new club in Paris.   Bill has since been fortunate enough to vacation in Hawaii and meet with Professor Mike Tiwanak in person and observe actual training.
    Joe has currently dropped out temporarily due to work. (out of town all week)